7 Things About Exercises That Are Actually MYTHS!!

There is a lot of talk about how one can shed weight. And unfortunately, all the talk comes from people who have no idea of what they preach. A lot of misconceptions are passed along the way, right from how to lose weight, what to eat and not to eat and so on and so forth. But, we rarely get to hear about what’s not right about exercise!!
Absolutely, there can be wrong methods or even wrong exercises that may not just prevent weight loss but also cause difficult issues while being practiced. So, what no one does, we’ll do for you!!
We have put together some of the myths about exercise that people n general are living with:
1] You lose weight at gym and not at home
This is totally irrelevant. One can lose weight anywhere, be it at home or at a gym. It all depends upon the exercise you chose to do and how you do it. People usually hit the gym because it becomes a part of their daily schedule whereas at home, they tend to neglect that time for their workouts.
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2] If you didn’t exercise when you were young, you can’t do so when older
If you do believe this, you couldn’t be more wrong. There are no age barriers when it comes to looking after your body. On the contrary, when you’re older it’s a must because your body needs to work out, else health issues start springing up.
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