7 Pictures That Prove That There Are Just Two Types Of Girls. #5 Is Hilarious

No one has ever been able to understand women. Some females are verbose, while some are too shy to even open their mouth; some girls like to hog on food, while the others would be full after inhaling a pale of air. The list is endless, still we can broadly classify the female kind into two types. Read the post and I bet you will relate to it for sure! Some of them are too funny to be true.

1. Experimenting With Looks

Some girls put in so much effort to look like a princess, but end up looking nothing more than a single piece of Cheetos, while others look drop dead gorgeous without any effort. These two types of girls will surely make heads turn with those KILLING looks!

2. The Swanky Girls

Some girls join sports not just to show off their skills at that sport, rather they participate to show off their perfect figures. If you have it, then why not flaunt it! Who is interested in sports anyway!

3. The Sexy PJ Party

Girls can transform their looks from nerdy to crazy to wildly sexy. But some girls need to look sexy all the friggin’ time! Even a sleepover turns into a session of photo shoot for them. You just wouldn’t want anybody to click the ugly you!
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