7 Signals Your Body Gives You Regarding Your Health

Your body is a window to your health and reflects the state you are living in. Any changes in the body can have a direct impact on your skin, which should be taken seriously for they can be a sign of something serious. Watch out  for these signs and take care of your health

1. Nails

Nails are basically the growth of the dead cells by our body. If they turn thick and yellow, then you may have a fungal infection. On the other hand, brittle and thin nails can be harmful the body as it means calcium deficiencies.

2. Body Weight

A sudden weight gain is an indication of fluid retention, which could mean heart or kidneys diseases. While, shedding weight can mean digestive system properly.

3. Body Odor

Changes that happen inside the body can be reflected in the body odor you give out. But if the odor is strong and in a large amount, it could be a sign of a problem in the body. The best time to check it is early in the morning after you shower.