Tempted to call upon the spirit of Bloody Mary? You will think twice after reading this.

“Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary! Bloody Mary!”

Almost everyone who knows about Bloody Mary must have chanted these three words in front of the mirror to see if Bloody Mary actually pays them a visit. Generally, people are seeking the thrill of seeing a ghost or spirit but little do they know that this trick has a great history to it! Apparently this spooky legend is also known by several other names like Mary Worth, Mary Lou, Mary Jane etc.

These 7 facts will definitely make you think before you try it

#1 Bloody Mary, when called may appear as a ghost, spirit or a phantom. It is a folklore legend who is said to be called so as to reveal the future.

bloody mary

#2 According to the legend, Bloody Mary will appear when you call out her names three times in front of the mirror. The room in which this ritual is performed should be dimly-lit or candle-lit.

No doubt, mirrors have been an element of superstition since ages!

bloody mary

#3 The apparition of Bloody Mary may be benevolent or malicious. It is said that this apparition may scream at the participants, curse them, try to strangle them, steal their soul while scratching their eyes out.


#4 In older times, the ritual was actually a way to see the future.

It was a way for young women to see the face of their future husband. In order to do so, young women had to walk up a flight of stairs backward with a candle and a small mirror in hand when the house was darkened. They could catch a view of their future husband’s face in the mirror. Seeing the Grim Reaper or a skull during the ritual meant that the woman will die before she gets married.


#5 The Hanako-San legend in Japan shows parallelism with the Bloody Mary mythology.

According to the Hanako-San legend, the spirit of a young World War II-era girl supposedly haunts school bathrooms. She appears when her name is called out.


#6 A possible explanation for this phenomenon has also been given.

When a person stares into a mirror for a prolonged period of time in a dimly-lit room, then he/she can start to hallucinate. The face seems to melt or distort in the mirror. The hallucination may also involve the appearance of strange faces. The phenomenon has had other explanations as well. These explanations seem to be quite right as they explain why the ritual fails at times.


#7  The folk and urban legends of Bloody Mary are very spooky and scary. This has led to a number of depictions of Bloody Mary in movies, television shows, stage acts and even in video games. It is used as a hazing ritual by kids in school and colleges. Movies like Bloody Mary, Paranormal Activity 3, The Legend of Bloody Mary and Urban Legends: Bloody Mary has references to this legend. Several TV shows have based their episode on this legend or had scenes related to it. Books about the folklore have also been written.


Something which started out as folklore and turned out to become an urban legend is heavily intriguing. Seeing Bloody Mary in the mirror after calling out her name is an experiment all kids have tried. If you are one of those people who will not try this for themselves then at least make sure you watch the movies based around it!