7 Unbelievable Ways To Use Ordinary Mustard On Body

Mustard is one of the key ingredients in many dishes. Some may like to put it as a condiment in their meals or may like to have it the form of ketchup. It can be mildly spicy or little sweet and people like to have it according to their individual tastes.
Mustard is made by crushing the seeds of mustard plant. Not only does it add up flavor to your meals, it also has various other benefits, such as, to clear up colds and congestion, burns, soothe irritations, aches, and is also used for skin care! It is also known to make your strands healthier and smooth. Let us know more about the great benefits of this ordinary, yet beneficial plant.

Why is Mustard beneficial?


Mustard is used as a flavor-ant in meals. Additionally, it is used a warming spice which has numerous health benefits for our respiratory system and even the skin. But before experimenting using it, it should be applied on the wrist to check whether your skin is sensitive to it. In case there is no irritation on the skin, then the below mentioned uses are for you!
The uses are outlined as under.

1. To Soothe Sore Throat


For sour throats, mix a tablespoon of mustard into water and to it, add a teaspoon of salt, half a tablespoon of lemon juice, and a tablespoon of honey. Boil the mixture and let it cool. Gargle using the liquid and it will have a great effect.

2. To Clear Up Congestion


Mustard can get rid off a congested chest or common colds. Apply a thin layer of it on your chest and cover it with a damp and warm cloth. It will relieve you off the congestion and will soon give a soothing feeling.

3. To Soothe A Burn

Mustard is great in in soothing body pains or sours. Put cold water over the burnt area and then apply a layer of mustard. This can prevent from forming blisters.

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