10 travel hacks you must know if you’re planning an all-girls-trip

If you are a girl and you happen to love travelling, at least one all-girls trip is a must on your bucket list. In any way, who doesn’t like going about breaking the rules for a while and living the life your way.  But, here are certain things that you must be aware of while planning an all-girls trip, that will help you make the best of your holiday.
Safety:  Try arriving during the day time. If possible, avoid dark alleys. Do not make use of i-pods, headphones or other portable music devices while walking around. Keep updating someone all the time about your whereabouts, where are you going and where are you staying. Always keep a scanned copy of your necessary documents on your mail like the passport, driving license, to name a few. So, if in case you lose your stuff, you can get a copy easily.
Planning: Do all the planning before hand at least you should plan well about your stay for the first night. Do the bookings in advance so that you don’t face problems later. Then, calculation of the cost is also an important perspective. Always have a plan B before you; if in case things don’t turn out the way you expected them to be.
Packing: Make a list! Try packing light so that you can manage your stuff alone. One suitcase is just sufficient even if it’s for a week or two. Carry a copy of all your important emergency contacts while you head out for your adventure. Keep all your important stuff like the passport, camera, wallet and phone, all at one place.
Interaction: Be careful while mixing with others when you are at a place unknown to you. Try interacting with the locals and get to know them and their culture. Visit the same shops and stores frequently and get to know people.
map-595791_1280Do proper research: Try knowing the crap out of everything. Proper research and organization of things before the trip may help a lot to make the most of your trip. Research about the places to visit, language used at the place, weather, transport options etc.
Extra undergarments: Just in case your stuff goes missing or the flight gets delayed, carry an extra pair of undergarments and a spare outfit into your carryon luggage. And this will give you peace of mind; at least you will remain clean and comfortable.
Scarf to the rescue! : Irrespective of the weather conditions, scarfs prove useful in many ways. Serving multiple purposes, they help you keep cozy in winters, dress modestly in temples, brighten up your outfit or as a summer wrap at beaches.
Hide some extra cash! : Seriously, hide some extra cash at place other than your wallet, just in case, you happen to lose your wallet.
Trust your instincts: Be careful of your surroundings and just listen to your instincts. If someone or something doesn’t seem right, just leave.
Smile: Smile is the best solution to any problem. When you appear friendly and exchange smiles, people will easily reach out to you if you require their help. Also, if in-tense surroundings, smile helps you in hiding the fear and stress that you are going through inwardly. Let not others sense that you fear them.