8 compelling reasons why Hawaii is the worst tourist destination ever!

Hawaii is probably one of the most favorite and popular spots for tourists, specially newly-wed couples. The breathtaking natural beauty will leave you stunned. But here are few reasons that’ll make you detest it completely. Have a look at these 8 reasons!

1. It is a place where you don’t have to slog

It offers an unmatched laid-back lifestyle far away from the hustling noises from the industries. Stress free weekdays and stress free weekends!

2. Cars are a rarity in Hawaii

Imagine the amount of money saved in a year by not spending it on fuel. Exorbitant!
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3. The choices of cuisines available can tire you

Local food in Hawaii doesn’t just mean Hawaiian food but it’s a wide range of local Korean, Japanese, Asian fusion, etc.

4.  Less number on people are found on land than in the sea

With beaches at every few steps, this place is fraught with water sports.
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