8 Pictures of Dogs Before and After Haircuts

There are so many before and after photos that leave us all awed, shocked. Looking at such photos and reading those articles influence us and sometimes they completely crack us up. Here is before and after photos and article about transformation of dogs!
Thanks to animal photographer, Grace Chon who has come up with new photo file-up titled HAIRY!
These are absolutely gorgeous photos of before and after grooming of dogs and are really funny. The dogs have been particularly set up to grow their hair and look shaggy for before photos and they have been groomed later by stylists in a way to get that extreme transformation of them and the type of cut they have been subjected to is uncommon. And the extremity of the transformation is to an extent that makes it hard to make out if it is the same dog in each photo!
In this series, all the dogs have been groomed in a Japanese grooming style, which doesn’t follow the usual standard cuts and grooming style. The significance of this series is that the dogs are stylized and made to look adorable and absolute cuties.
In this project, each haircut took hours as most of the styling was done with hand scissoring and hence all the dogs look so unique. The credit for such remaking goes to groomers from Healthy Spot in Los Angeles, California, the USA. Most of the groomers here have specialized in this form of grooming and cutting and amazingly they have been trained by Japanese masters.
Among so many human transformations all over the internet like weight reduction-before and after, make-over photo sessions and so much more, animal transformation is epic and adorable.
Have a look at them and surely you will have a hilarious time:
#1 Before and after of Athena:
This pooch looks kind of grouchy and that is because she was 17-years-old at the time of the shoot. That’s ‘119’ in human years. And the shears took the years off! Athena was trimmed by Donna Owens.