80's Hysterical Hairstyles that Are Downright Stupid

Bouffant Haired 80’s

80’s was the era of padded shoulders, ¬†huge earrings, lace accessories and lots of bling. Clothes were heavily sequined and colorful. High waist trousers, spandex leggings and animal prints were a huge hit among masses. Fashion was largely inspired by movie stars, serials and rockstars.
80’s was all about loud and heavy make up with heavy eye liner and extremely short skirts. Hair were given special attention and played a major role in personal style quotient. They were majorly influenced by fashion icons and music stars such as Madonna and Michael Jackson.
Hair were big and loud like everything else. They were heavily teased and permed. A lot of mousse was used back then to get that iconic shiny and voluminous hair look. Mousse were often made using glitters to get that fake shiny haired look. 80’s sure was an era of hilarious hairstyles and fashion.
Though they were trying to make a statement, what might seem uber cool back then, seems completely stupid and weird now. Here is an example of some of those uber cool hairstyles we are never getting over. Teased, permed or whatever! They are downright hilarious.


This hairstyle is just a friendly reminder of what happens when u leave a curling rod in your hair for too long! Far too long. The heavily teased hair make it look like a nest on her head.


Her kids will sure have a good time, while looking at these pictures. With way too much effort and curls on her head this hairstyle is one of the most humorous and weird thing we’ve seen in a long time. I am sure y’all would agree.


Actress of one of the worst movies of the 80’s, Pia Zadora won worst actress for her movie named Butterfly. That was not the only one of her bad choices. Her hair explains in the picture above that bad decisions were a part of life.


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