8 reasons why Panda is the cutest of all animals

Without any doubts in mind, Panda’s are undoubtedly the cutest of all the animals on the planet. The ‘awww’ gesture has become something very natural at the sight of a panda (although it is really hard to sight them coz they are very rare and near extinction). Their ability and power to engage and involve is something very uncommon and different from the rest of the animals. So, let’s take a look to why humans find animals so cute and different from the rest of the animals. Here are the reasons:
#1. Because they remind us of babies! They set in us that hedonic mechanism which drives us crazy making us think about our babies with big eyes and round faces. The generous cheeks, snub nose and toddling gaits excite circuitry in the human mind! We feel like caring and loving them the way we do to our kids!
#2. And they remind us of ourselves! Their eating techniques are similar to that of ours, sitting up and using hands. The way they handle their food is just amazing – with sleight of hand! You sight a panda eating and notice their classic posture similar to ours, that of eating while sitting on the floor!
#3. And their eyes speak their way for it is all in eyes.The big eyes in their black sockets, the round face, and their pug nose are just enough to fall for! The way babies showcase surprised eye, pandas’ trademark, those black patches make their eyes appear even larger as an expression of surprise! Soft, furry balls of adorableness with large round cuddly bodies are ones that everyone wants to hug.
#4. Pandas have a big bushy tail that helps them in balancing while climbing up a tree. Look at them while climbing and you’ll fall in love with them. During winters, they use their tails as a blanket to cover themselves up and keep warm. Cutest animal trait ever!1739
#5. Pandas are the most adorable playmates and the cutest snackers ever! You see them doing these activities and you want to join them! And adorable nappers for sure they are too!
cute baby panda 002
#6. They have a flexible bone in the wrist along with a pseudo-thumb that allows them the most extraordinary manipulation of objects in a cunning manner. This helps them in getting a grip over those bamboo stems in between their bones and the opposing palms. Cute enough though!They are shy! Their enigmatic nature bears a sheer contrast to their giant yet striking appearance. And yes they do make us laugh and exclaim- Awwwww, so cute!!!
#7. They have the cutest smiles ever! And no animal has paws cuter than them with those furs making them extra soft and cozy!!
The way they stand on their hind legs frisking about in the snow is just too much fun! Have you ever seen a panda somersaulting in the snow? You would take one home for sure!!