11 Very Real Phobias That You Never Knew Existed

People are afraid of so many things but these 11 phobias are the weirdest. You would not even know that they existed. Phobias can control your mind and only the sufferer knows what if feels. We have heard about many fears and phobias. But these fears will surely leave you stunned that many people also suffer from them. Fears and phobias are just illusions that lie in our minds and create anxiety to us and those near us. But it is not easy for those who actually are the sufferers. These 11 phobias are scary to the people who suffer through them but are completely unknown to us. Go further, have a look at them.

1. Turophobia


Turophobia is the fear of cheese. Not many people have it. But those you have it can not cross by a grocery store having any type of cheese.

2. Scopophobia



Scopophobia is the fear of being looked at or stared at. Yes, it is awkwardly strange. This phobia can make you anti-social for the rest of your life. We wonder how the sufferer feels!

3. Oikophobia


Oikophobia is a fear of specific home appliances. People fear from something happened early on in life involving a household appliance. Or it could be something that put the person in a dangerous situation.

4. Globophobia


You would be shocked to know that Oprah Winfrey suffers from Globophobia. It is a fear of going near the balloons or just the sound of bursting balloons. It becomes very difficult for these folks to go to birthday parties or other events where balloons are present.

5. Xanthophobia


The people suffering from Xanthophobia are sadly afraid of any and all things yellow.

6. Aibohphobia


It is the fear of palindromic words or numbers. How strange is that! Palindromes are words, phrases, or numbers that can be read either backward or forward with the same result. Some people get afraid at looking at these palindromes. Examples are “civic”, “madam”, “12321”.

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