6 Warning Signs of Ovarian Cyst Every Woman Must Know, #5 Must Never Be Ignored

You must have heard about the ovarian cysts commonly found in women age group of 20-50 years. If you have not, an ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac within the ovary. Often these ovarian cysts cause no symptoms. Occasionally, they may end up showing several symptoms. These symptoms are a must know for every woman. It is said that if the ovary cyst either breaks or leads to twisting of the ovary, severe pain can follow. However, most of the ovary cysts are harmless and are short-lived but a few are dangerous. Ovary cysts have a chance of turning into cancer. So, it becomes a matter of life and death. Therefore, every woman must know about these 6 warning signs of Ovarian Cyst and easily identify them if needed.

#1  Sudden Weight Gain or Trouble Losing It

The very first symptom is that you face difficulty in losing weight or you get a sudden weight gain. You clothes stop to fit you and your body feels absolutely bloated. If this is faced by anyone, one should not ignore and immediately consult a doctor (gynecologist) .

#2 Losing Hair From Scalp

The second sign could be losing hair straight from the scalp. This is a serious symptom which should never be ignored. It might be indicating towards ovarian cyst so make your doctor a visit immediately.

#3 Irregular menstruation Cycle

If you suffer from an irregular menstruation cycle every month, it might be a sign of ovarian cyst. If you get your periods skipped or delayed every month, it may be a cyst. Never ever ignore abnormal bleeding or a long gap between your monthly periods cycle.

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