Teachers Reveal The 14 Most Unusual Names Of Their Students They Came Across!

Even before a baby is born, parents begin to decide names for their little ones. It starts months before. This name follows them into classrooms and job interviews, forever. Therefore, this name keeping task must be done very carefully! Picking out the perfect name might just be the most important decision of all.
Well, these days people have started using their creativity while deciding the names for their children. The teachers were asked to post the weirdest names they’ve ever encountered on their student rosters. Here, we have the names of 14 kids that are unusual than others.

#1 Peachtreanna

Oh! This little girl is from Georgia. We hope you might have guessed it already.

#2 Pennis

Well, this boy’s name is pronounced like Dennis with a P instead of D.

#3 Neo

The guesses are that his parents really loved ‘The Matrix’.

#4 Civic Celebration

The pretty girl’s parents must be in some social or community service. Poor girl!

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