The 7 Hottest Female Videogame Characters That Will Make A Fan For Life!

Video games have always influenced us in one way or the other. They take you into a world which only you can imagine. The characters and their looks play a major role in creating an image for the video game. Some such characters are listed below which, with their strong and bold looks, won many hearts and were ranked some of the hottest female videogame characters.

#1 Lara Croft



One of the hottest video charaters of all time, this sexy character was portrayed as strong, intelligent, sexy and risk taking. She was not only loved by men around the globe but by women as well. After the release of the movie, Lara Croft had a face and gained even more recognition. She is generally seen wearing a white camisole and shorts, that complimented her well toned, atheletic frame.

#2 Chun- Li



Chun-Li has evolved over the years; the story revolves around her trying to avenge her father’s death. Her clothing has been changed several times but her signature brown tights and combat boots stay. With strong and toned body and her impeccable personality, many guys sure have hots for her. She has been ranked in top 10 lists of the hottest female videogame characters several times.

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