Sick teacher heads towards class but breaks down in the hallway. Reason? It's so touching!

As noble as it may sound, a teacher’s life doesn’t come sans the obstacles and hardships. While it may be labelled as the humblest career one can choose, only a teacher would know it for a fact that it is but a herculean task to teach the students to be respectable citizens of the society. In fact, in many parts of the world, the children are taught to regard and respect their teacher even above their parents. Teachers have the greater hand in making us who we are; the more we do for them the less it is for all the efforts they have put to help us earn a name of our own.

Kleenex gathers some of the alumni of a Chicago Illinois school to sing in appreciation for their former teacher Ms. Gabrielyn Watson for all her help and support down the years. The team rehearsed for days and weeks just so they are able to put up that perfect show that will leave Mrs. Watson speechless. And when the big day came, their efforts bore fruit. Ms. Watson who wasn’t in the best of her health during that time was no less than surprised to see her ex-students back to school. And when they started singing for her, she simply broke into tears of joy. Seeing how much it meant to this lady brought me almost to tears.

The simplest of gestures can mean the world to someone; Ms. Watson proves just the same. Watch the amazing video below and don’t forget to share the love.