A Thank You Project by a mother who sets out to find and thank all those who saved her son 10 years ago.

A good deed is never forgotten, and Kellie here proves just the same with her ‘thank you project’ that’s sure to restore your faith in humanity. After having lost her dear husband in a tragic car accident, and almost close to losing her 14-weeks-old son Eli in the same road mishap some 10 years ago, Kellie took time to visit and personally thank all those who were involved in the airlift, and the hospital staff who treated her son to life.

2004 was the worst year for Kellie who met with a horrific car accident, instantly killing her husband and almost took the life of her baby boy Eli. The doctors at the hospital saved the boy but warned Kellie that her son, if makes it through, would not be able to walk, talk, or show emotions. But this didn’t break Kellie. Just a week later, she took her baby home and something miraculous happened— little Eli thrived to life. This gave Kellie a new perspective for life and she gave her best being a mother, the result of which is the handsome 10-year-old Eli— the most beautiful gift from her deceased husband whom she loved with all her heart.

The Thank You project

“It’s now 10 years later and I want to find the team of heroes that helped save my son’s life… and thank them,” said Kellie to her new husband and sets off to find them out.

It wasn’t easy. It took her months of researching to find all the men and woman who airlifted her son from the accident, the doctors who gave her hope, and the doctors who performed surgeries on Eli to bring him back to life. Kellie then visited each one of them individually to thank them and hand out the invite for the event the family organized to honor the heroes.

“You were the first doctor that believed in us and believed in me and believed that there was a solution.”

This amazing gesture of gratitude from Kellie shocks and amazes everybody. 10 years is a pretty long time, and Kellie never forgot them; this very fact brought tears to their eyes.

Kellie is married again with a very loving and supportive husband who nurtures Eli like his own son. Watch this amazing ‘thank you project’ video below to know how Eli is doing, and be sure to get those tissues handy beforehand!