This Abandoned Dog Stayed In The Woods, On An Old Shirt Left By Former Owner

This is a story of a dog named Lily, that was posted by Animal Lighthouse Rescue about a month ago on 12th September. The dog owner abandoned Lily in the woods. The poor dog Lily was left behind in the forest sadly. The abandoned dog Lily shared a great bond with the owner. But, as the news suggested, the heartless dog owner didn’t care even once before taking this decision.The owner left a crate and her shirt in the woods. Lily being overly attached her owner could not take it. She searched for her owner every now and then. The unfortunate dog had no choice but to accept her fate.She went really sad and felt lost in a dense forest with no acquaintance. The disappointed dog had a hard time realizing that her owner left her alone in the woods and herself went back home. Lily was totally helpless.
Lily stayed in the woods and waited every time for her owner to come back and take her back home. But, no one did actually turn up for weeks to get the abandoned dog back. It was as if the dog owner had no emotions for the dog. Had it been the case, the dog owner would not have shown such cruel behavior to a loyal and loving creature like Lily. The poor abandoned dog laid on her owner’s shirt and wished for a happy ending to her story.The little creature is just two years old. She was later taken by a rescue team who managed to save her. Lily is with them now.
She is happy knowing that God has blessed her with new guardians now. Lily has found a place where people know her worth and care for her. The rescued dog plays happily and is enjoying her life. Thankfully, the rescue proved to be a miracle for the abandoned dog Lily. The rescue team reported that they found the dog  too adorable and sweet. They also told that Lily loves to snuggle and is cute enough to steal your heart. “The dog also behaves nicely with other dogs”,they added. The rescue team reported that they found Lily in Puerto Rico and she is in New York City now. The rescued dog loves when people are around her but sometimes, she gets frightened by little children. Isn’t that so cute?
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