Abducted By Father, Ava, 3 Rescued Within Hours of Amber Alert

Unstable Husband Abducts his 3 year old

Losing a kid for even a few minutes can be the most dreaded nightmare of a mother. That nightmare came true for Morgan Barela,29 a mother of 3 when her daughter Ava Bryne was kidnapped by her husband. She was abducted in Pennsylvania as told by NYPD.
Her husband Robert Bryne and Morgan got into a fight before he tookoff with Ava. Morgan was 8 months pregnant then, he squished her belly and was quite violent, heĀ slapped morgan across her face and pushed her into the closet. He also tried to get hold of her cell phone and smash it. Before fleeing with their daughter Ava, he threathened to shoot Morgan, their kids and himself. Robert was said to unstable and heard voices in his head. He held those voices resposible for his actions as told by Ava’s grandmother, Debbie Cyr.


After being reported of the kidnapping the NYPD was quick to take action. Presuming that the girl was in “imminent danger” on the basis of Robert the abducter’s previous violent actions the cops issued an Amber Alert in pennsylvania. They later extended it to New York as well.
Robert was described as a brown eyed and black haired in the criminal description. A 5’9, tall,young,29 year old white man who weigh around 215 pounds and was riding a 2004 Hyundai Elantra with a PA registration HKB-4681.


The quick thinking of NYPD paid off and the 3 year old was spotted after just minutes of when the alert was issued. The alert did it for Ava and her mother. A passerby noticed the Hyundai in slowmoving traffic at the Manhattan side of Licoln Tunnel. After further affirmation he informed the NYPD traffic agent. The NYPD also recieved a 911 call from a passerby aboutĀ the same time who said they saw a vehicle matching that in the Amber Alert.


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