About Us

ViralPlots.com is a subsidiary of Idea Clan and based out of Chandigarh, India. Every month, our stories educate, entertain, and inspire a lot of people. It has been created by a simple mission :

” We needed to make sure wasting time is more than just a waste of time ” .

Through highly shareable stories, trending news, and videos, ViralPlots draws over a million+ people away from something boring (like waiting for the bus), tedious (like doing homework) or pointless (like every board meeting) each month.


How to reach us?
A) You can mail us at mail@viralplots.com

How to partner up with us?

A) Incase you want to be the sponsors for our content or any media query, please do contact us at  partner@viralplots.com.

Can I join Viral Plots as a Writer?
A) Yes, sure you can definitely work for us. be it from your home or at our office. You need not be experienced for this post. Mail your sample work at career@viralplots.com

I have problem with some content on your website . What should i do?
A) We certainly have the highest respect for all of our viewers and would definitely consider any requests for removal of a particular content/image. If you find any content copied from your source and should not be here, just report it to us at : report@viralplots.com . We also do give credits to each and every source , incase we have one.

For any other queries, just contact us on our contact page. We would try our best to get back to you within 48 hours.