Accident or Planned Camouflage?? After Seeing This, You Will Hope That This Doesn't Happen To You!

“Dress for the occasion”— a phrase that we use often. But these unfortunate people ended up dressing to match their surroundings. Was it planned or accidental, we leave to up to your judgement! Camouflage at its heights!

Camouflage That Is Surreal!

Most would avoid wearing these socks on a normal day, let alone when you are sitting in a house with the carpet of the same pattern.
Is that Waldo? Or a VLC Player? Camouflage at it again!
This is probably the one that is the most convincing one. You simply can not make out the guy if not for his neck and his boots!
This guy does not look impressed with the pattern of the seat matching his pullover. He should rather be happy! It takes the attention off how ugly that sweater is!!
I didn’t know that bumblebees could camouflage!
Same checkered shirt. Same beige trousers. Same glasses. Same pose. Too much of a coincidence!!
This one is too eerie to be a coincidence. Perfect camouflage!!
Oblivion is truly bliss! This woman’s halterneck matches the seat of the train perfectly and she seems to have no idea.
The coach found it really amusing to find that his striped T shirt was the perfect match for his ball. Volleyball I meant!! Oh c’mon guys!!
Girls hate it when their dress matches with another persons. But what can you really do when it matches a bottle of vitamin water??
Look Daddy!! I am a fire hydrant!!
This woman’s monochrome zig-zag top and turquoise trousers were eerily similar to a nearby iPhone case!!
These are camouflage tights? This woman’s opaque tights match the carpet rather too perfectly!
“Yeah!! Hilarious!! My dress matches the floor! You happy? If this finds it’s way to the Facebook, I am going to kill you”
Honestly!! Who wears florescent blue socks?? But I guess when it blends with the floor, its quirky rather than ugly!
Eerie? Quirky? Weird? You could call this collection whatever you like. But you have got to agree that it’s rather surprising how often this happens. Some of these seem too perfect to be true. Hope it doesn’t happen to you!!
Click on the video below to check out this amazing pillow: