12 after-$ex situations that are nowhere near sexy

I don’t think there is anything more unifying that what happens after $ex, do you?

Let’s face it guys. No matter how wonderful your last night has been, we just can’t shake off the awkward impulses and events that follow your night of knocking boots. Whether it be that you do it regularly, or you’re lurching from one steamy moment to the next, you must have come across such situations that has left you a little embarrassed, a little confused or maybe … a little offended? Well, you would be glad to know that you are not alone.

Here are some of those after-$ex situations that are nowhere near sexy.

  1. The need to fuel up after a wild, wild session of making out.

    after-sex 1

  2. When your friends know that you’ve finally managed to break the seal.

    after-sex 2

  3. When you go to pee right after you’ve got the white fluid out.

    after-sex 3

  4. The afterglow that you just can’t hide.

    after-sex 4

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