At some point in our lives, we all develop an obsession with something, be it love for a band or color, or perhaps wanting to look like something or someone. Every now and then, we hear people doing some bizarre modifications to their bodies to achieve particular transformations. One such person is the ‘Giraffe Woman’.

For five years, a woman slowly stretched her neck in hope to elongate her neck like a giraffe. She gave her best to realize her dream and it looks like the time to see the results!

Sydney Smith, a resident of Los Angeles, became obsessed with giraffes a few years back. She was mesmerized by their long necks and determined to elongate her neck as well. She wore tight neck rings for five years so that she would be known around the world for her abnormally long neck. However, it seems that she has given up on her dream.

Smith got this idea from the Kayan people in South East Asia. These people are famous for their extraordinary long necks. To establish their cultural identity, the Kayan women starts wearing neck coils at the tender age of five. Some people also believe that elongating their necks make women less attractive and therefore, by wearing neck rings, they reduce the risk of being taken as slaves.