How America’s development of their highways is not in the favor of Americans!

It is undeniable that America is one of the top most developing nations of the world, and without a doubt, it’s amazing infrastructure is world class. Just like any proud nation, America too loves its highways and their infrastructure, but what’s not known to everyone is that they too had to pay a price for it.
1. When did it all begin?
In 1956 in America, Federal Highway Bill was passed which gave way to build an interstate highway of 41,000 miles. All the cities, towns and states put their hands together to build an extensive system of travel between the cities. In the process, a lot of raged buildings, old houses and settlements were erased.
2. So, why did it come across as a not-so-good choice?
“But then this too led to a number of issues which worsened in time. To create these freeways a lot of establishments were destroyed leaving people homeless. Also in downtown areas this led to a lot of noise and air pollution. So eventually the suburbans avoided travelling to urban areas whenever possible and would end up being sealed in their houses after working hours. Because of these freeways, a lot of vehicles started being seen which in turn led to traffic congestion and made life more difficult.Even today cities across the whole nation continue to struggle with what is left behind of this development “remarked Amanda Gann and Ted Shelton in a daily.
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