Animals Can Have Down’s Syndrome Too

Down’s syndrome is a genetic disease. There is a chromosomal mutation which leads to the production of certain physical characteristics. Other things that people with Down’s syndrome suffer from may be mental retardation, heart defects etc.

It has been seen that animals may suffer from a similar genetic defect. Here are pictures of some animals which may have human being’s equivalent of Down’s syndrome.

1 – Monkeys:


Primate family can suffer from this disorder. The monkeys that have Down’s syndrome have different facial features than normal monkeys. Their mouth and nose may be smaller.

2 – Cats:


Down’s syndrome in cats is very uncommon. The first cat that was discovered to have the disease was name Otto. It had widely separated eyes. The kitten died due to heart related complications.

3 – Horse:


This horse with Down’s syndrome is named Diego. It belongs to a little girl who loves her horse beyond all measure.