These funny pictures of animals getting stuck will get you rolling on the floor

Lately we have seen a lot of funny pictures of animals. From dogs to cats to piglets to pandas, the list has been endless. So, today we are going to share something else. Yes, these images are about animals, and are quite funny too, but we compiled these pictures keeping a particular situation in mind. These animals got stuck, some in the worst ways possible, and yet they carry a face like nothing has happened at all. Let us know how to like them in the comments below and don’t forget to share.

Here we go!

      1. Wonder how he even got there. Was he trying to escape?

        stuck 1

      2. Uh-oh! Doesn’t really look like sun bath, does it?

        stuck 2

      3. Seems like somebody was having fun with the trash can, before this mishap happened.

        stuck 3