This is why you should always wash your new clothes before wearing.

All of us have this inexplicable habit of wearing brand new clothes without doing the laundry. While this might strike you as shocking, but the fact is new clothes doesn’t necessarily need to be clean. New and clean doesn’t always mean the same thing, and this is very critical when it comes down to your apparels. What makes us say so? Well, I don’t believe I need to tell you that the clothes you pick up from your nearest retail or the mall DO CARRY BACTERIA, dangerous ones; the consequence… you are smart enough to know.

So this team went shopping one fine day for science. These guys wanted to experiment with a variety of clothes picked up from multiple stores to prove their point. As a matter of fact they visited several regular stores as well as the second hand ones, and then took all the goods to the lab. They took a piece of swab from each of the items and let the samples incubate for around 24 hours. When they came to open the petri dishes the next day, the revelations were worse than shocking. Watch the video and witness for yourself the dangers of wearing unwashed new clothes. It’s disgusting!

Please share the video with your loved ones to make them aware of the dangers of not washing new clothes before use.