Funny Moms And Things They Do

Mothers are sweet and adorable. And sometimes, they are quite funny. They may not always try to be hilarious on purpose, but things they do or say end up being funny anyway. Here are a few women whose actions and words will make you laugh; even though that was certainly not their intention. So read on if you need a good laugh. Cursed by [...]


Are You A Proud Dog Mommy?

Do you love your dog a lot? Too much, perhaps? So much that the dog feels less like a pet and more like a little baby? If you find yourself doing the following things, it means you are a proud dog mommy. 1 – You feel proud of your dog’s toilet habits: Every time your dog goes outside to do his business, you feel exceptionally proud. [...]


Chris Brown’s Documentary

Chris Brown has filmed a documentary that talks about his whole life. To the interest of everyone, Chris Brown will talk about the most notorious incident in his wife – when he beat up his girlfriend Rihanna. 1 – Welcome To My Life: The documentary is named Welcome To My Life and is yet to be released. 2 – The documentary is about Chris [...]


Hideous Maggots Infesting People

Maggots are ugly, there is no doubt about that. Just seeing one in your food or on your work table can ruin your day. So imagine if you see a person who has a maggot infestation. The results are ugly and will make you think long and hard about your health. Maggots in the mouth: If you do not brush your teeth regularly, perhaps you need [...]


Hot Girls Doing Stupid Things

Not everyone is blessed with both beauty and brains. Here are a few girls who are really blessed in the beauty department, but perhaps they were not thinking straight when they were caught doing these acts. 1. Licking the tire: What was this girl thinking? She is licking the car’s tire with some gusto; we wonder what was going on in her [...]


Weird Things That Are Poisonous To Touch

Do you love camping and hiking? If so, no doubt you come across many plants and shrubs that look odd and exotic. You may be tempted to touch them, but it is better to exercise some caution. Some of these plants may be toxic, so it is better if you keep your distance. 1. Dead man’s fingers: The name itself is scary enough. This fungus is [...]