This Guy Fakes a Flight Emergency with his Girlfriend. What He did on the Plane will Amaze you.

There are simple, regular, cute proposals: In the wine glass, at the football game, or a romantic getaway. Then there are the heart-warming ones: via a mob dance, under the moonlight, on the beach. And there are these literally heart-stopping ones and this guy seems to be going for it. And let us tell you, he actually did it. Reddit user [...]


Hunting for your dream wedding Trousseau? Here are 10 Wedding Dress Trends That Will Be Big in 2016

The wedding day, hands down, is a girl’s most special but most stressful day. The bride has so much on her plate already, from the caterer to flowers, and the pressure to look flawless is just too much to cope with. Yes, we are talking about the wedding dress that makes the bride look the best of her days! More so, when the bridal vogue [...]


Laxmi Saa : Incredible story of this Acid Attack Victim who got Signed up for a campaign called “Face of Courage”

Attractive features and flawless skin and the ideal smooth face is what is generally associated with the public face of any fashion brand. This meaningless convention of physical beauty campaigning for the fashion world has recently been challenged by the Indian Fashion Retail Brand, ‘Viva N Diva’, by signing up Laxmi Saa, an [...]


This Traveller Forgot Breast Implants in her Room, Here are some more Weirdest things Found in the Hotel Rooms.

The perfect hotel room plays a deal maker or breaker during our vacations. While we all love the coziness of the hotels rooms, the crisp, comfy sheets from the lovely foreign land and oh who can forget our very own oompa-loompa who come in and clean our messy-as-a-crow’s-nest rooms with their magic. We just want to live them forever. [...]


These are the things that you need to take care for your perfect Relationship.

“Nothing in this world is more difficult than love. And nothing is more worth it.” A happy couple is not a ‘perfect couple’ that comes together, but an imperfect couple that learns to enjoy each other’s differences, and works together every day to create something special.  In other words, a great relationship isn’t luck and doesn’t just [...]