Widow receives Valentine’s flowers after husband’s death. You will be shocked to know who sent them

Unlike most of us who keep wondering about when the story of our life would come to an end, Shelly Golay was aware of the fact that she’ll become a widow in the next seven months. Her ailing husband, Jim was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor. Even though Shelly was prepared for the unfortunate, it was not even tad easy for [...]


Baby girl abandoned at the steps of hospital. Unravels the hidden secret of her life after 40 years…

In 1972, Jen was a newborn when she was given up by her parents in a hospital. She made headlines with her news, when few nurses found her covered in blankets, weeping and abandoned at the doorsteps of the hospital. As she grew up she didn’t have a clue about who her parents were, but after 40 years of search, she was able to find [...]