14 Awkward Problems Only Very Tall People Can Understand!!

There are advantages and disadvantages of everything…we all agree to it, don’t we? It’s just the same case with being tall … like really tall!!

From being handy to any situation, to playing basketball, stuffing your attic with unnecessary clutter without being stressed, or on the other hand not finding the bed size enough to fit in, to being called long legs… the list is nothing but endless!!

Let us give you an insight of a tall person’s life… in his routine life. And trust us you will find yourself in splits – if taken in good humor that is! 🙂

So, sit on the floor so that you can roll on floor laughing without having to fall off the bed or your chair!! let’s see what it means to be tall….

1. Photographs

Being a part of a photograph couldn’t have been more exciting as most of the times you end up being clicked HEADLESS. So while the entire group is pouting and making funny faces, you end up being the funny aspect of the picture. Funny isn’t it??

image 1

2. Unwashed hair

Well yes, it does sound stingy, but hey can’t you see how difficult and impossible it looks. So who needs a reason now to not wash your hair.

image 2

3. Heighty tales

Being tall definitely has its own perks … and why not …almost everything is in your reach. Though the same advantage can become a reason of distress when your wife, mother or friends have you get up and fetch everything, simply because it is easier for them! D’oh!

image 3

4.  Fashion advice

It sounds so cool to be able to give your review on that dress without having to leave the trial room…saves so much time …!!

Image 4