Baby girl abandoned at the steps of hospital. Unravels the hidden secret of her life after 40 years…

In 1972, Jen was a newborn when she was given up by her parents in a hospital. She made headlines with her news, when few nurses found her covered in blankets, weeping and abandoned at the doorsteps of the hospital. As she grew up she didn’t have a clue about who her parents were, but after 40 years of search, she was able to find the lost pieces of her jigsaw puzzle and put them together. Even still, Jen keeps it hush-hush, hoping she would prove help to those people who were still in search of their biological parents.

Jane Chervin

Jen was adopted by a beautiful family who showered all their love on her. Currently, she is 43 years old and teaches disabled children. Even though her life was complete with all the love she received from her family, she was always irked to know about her real parents. She made various attempts  at investigating who her biological parents were, but the truth was unveiled only after decades of search.
One fine day, through social media, Jen got connected to a lady who advised her to get her DNA tested. Surprisingly, her reports linked her to hundreds of cousins. She reached out to all those relatives and asked if they were inclined to help her by getting their DNA tested too. A cousin was eager and even compiled a family tree. It turned out that she found her uncle, who had seven siblings, one of them was her real FATHER.
Jane at 40 years

Her 40 years of search, led Jen to the first telephonic conversation with her biological mother. She still has to keep it a secret. Watch the video, to get to the secret and reveal the mystic story of Jen.
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