Kid gets his first taste of bacon. His reaction… Precious!

Do you have a kid at home? If yes, then Do NOT feed him with bacon if you haven’t fed him with it yet already. Why? Not because it is not healthy or something, but because after having tasted it he will never want to have his greens again. This video captures the reaction of a kid who just got his first taste of the thin meat.

Easton the kid here got his first taste of this delicious goodness last Christmas when mommy served him some finely cooked crisp bacon. After having only a bit of it the reaction that he gave is nothing short of precious. The little fellow was in a trans-like state as he savored the crispy strip of the meat… he also made sure to remember its name the next time his parents try to feed him with baby food or broccoli.

So, just one word of advice to the parents. You would want to put off giving your kid bacon because after tasting it, every other food will not taste as good. It doesn’t get better than this, little man.

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