Ballpoint Pens – A Hazard That Can Be Avoided

Ballpoint pens are something extreme common and nothing that is considered dangerous. But sometimes, they can be. Losing a life is terrible but losing one due to a freak, preventable accident is even more so.

1 – Protecting Kids Is Important:


Kids do not know about their own safety and hence need to be protected from all sorts of hazards. This is why prams, cribs etc. all have safety measures.

2 – Not All Safety Measures Work:


Even though different products meant for kids are tested, these tests are not always perfect. In other words, safety measures may not be foolproof.

3 – Bic Is A Huge Producer Of Pens:


While Bic produces many other items, they are best known for their ballpoint pens. Everyone has used these plastic pens at some point in their lives.

4 – Even Their Mascot Is Inspired By Their Pens:


The round headed mascot of Bic is inspired by the design of their ballpoint pens.

5 – Pens Are Mostly Used By Students, Who Tend To Get Bored easily


Pens are mostly utilized by students in classrooms. And when these students are with their friends and goofing about, these pens can cause dangerous accidents.

6 – Playing With Pens:

Students goofing off in classroom --- Image by © Sean De Burca/Corbis
Students goofing off in classroom — Image by © Sean De Burca/Corbis

Students, when bored, may even throw pens towards each other. The action is innocent enough but the tip can really hurt someone.

7 – Chewing On A Pen:


Everyone has, at one point or another, chewed on a ballpoint pen. You may be lost in thought, with the pen in your mouth. This may be dangerous as swallowing the pen lid and choking on it is quite a possibility.

8 – Change Made By Bic To Prevent Choking:

81They created pens with a hole in the lid. That way, even if someone does accidently swallow a lid, they will not choke as air can still pass through the lid.

9 – Affect Of This Change:


This tiny change in design has ensured that the number of deaths by swallowing a pen lid have greatly reduced.

10 – This Is A Practical Change That Works Very Well:

Although making a hole in the lid does not entirely cease all ballpoint pen-related accidents, it is a practical and easy change in design that does reduce their number.