Belgian Mastiff Was Dying of Cancer When She Made Her Last Wish. What Happened Next Is Very 'Sweet'!

When you know you are about to lose a loved, you try your best to make sure that you do whatever you can to make their final moments memorable. And this is exactly what happened here in this case. Molly, who suffers from cancer, probably has only a few days to live. Thus, her guardian, Julie Smith, decided to treat her beloved dog with her favorite treat— one final taste of famous seaside ice cream.

Molly, who suffers from cancer in her liver, loves ice cream

Molly, a Belgian Mastiff, was discovered to be suffering from cancer, after an affected mass was discovered in her liver. She had started to lose weight and look tired just before Christmas. At first the vets put it down to old age. Eventually her cancer was discovered and, a short time later, signs of secondary cancer became apparent too. The pooch was rescued almost 10 years ago by Julie’s brother Danny.
Julie knew that her priceless pet had only days to live. She wanted to make sure that they were special for their beloved pet. She emailed the manager at historic parlor Notarianni Ices in the hope that Molly could enjoy a taste of the firm’s dairy delicacy just one last time.
When the staff at the Blackpool (Lancashire) based firm found out about her story, they decided to do their bit in making the dog’s final few days extra special. They  made an express delivery of  their famous vanilla treat ice cream.

Mum-of-one Julie was over the moon for Molly who was ‘well excited’. She said: ‘You should have seen her face – it was brilliant. We put the tub down in front of her and she just went mad. She didn’t leave it until she got every last morsel out of it.’


Molly’s cancer is spreading and there is very little that can be done.

Julie, 41, said: ‘It’s devastating to be honest. There’s nothing they can do. There’s an operation but she wouldn’t survive it. They said it could be a day, a week or a month. We could wake up tomorrow and she might not be here. It’s just a waiting game.’

Molly’s family have decided to make sure that her last few days are not sad. They have been making most of all the treats she’s enjoyed over her long life. Molly, who is thought to be 11 or 77 in dog years, would enjoy a trip to Notarianni’s about ‘five or six times’ every summer.

This Is How It Tastes!

Julie said: ‘We would take her for a treat but it would only last for about five seconds.We would get a tub for ourselves and a comet for her otherwise she would go mad.’

Notarianni Ices had been shut for the winter and not due to open again until March 5, but manager Luca Vettese obliged and hand-delivered a tub of the good stuff to the family home. Julie later sent an emotional Facebook message to the ice cream firm in which she said she was left ‘speechless’ by the kind-hearted gesture.

Julie wrote: ‘Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You really have restored my faith in humanity.’

Luca, the great-grandson of Notarianni founder Luigi, who opened the shop in 1928, said he didn’t think of it as a big thing to do. He said: ‘It was just a nice gesture to make someone happy when they are going through a hard time. We shut for the winter but I keep a personal supply for me and my family. I had some left over so I took Julie a tub around. Her family have been coming for years and years.’

This amazing gesture from the ice cream firm really does restore one’s faith in humanity. It’s really heart warming to see how much Julie is trying to make Molly’s final few moments the happiest ones. Cancer may affect Molly’s liver, but the bond between Julie and Molly will stay strong forever!