9 Benefits of Mint You Probably did not Know!!.#8 is Specially for Girls.

Mentha or mint as we know it is commonly used as a mouth freshener, toothpaste, mouth cleanser,  peppermint spray, etc. What we also know is that this fantastic herb is also a common ingredient in many dishes such as salads, desserts, candies, street foods or your much tastier flavored yogurt. Awesome, isn’t it?
In addition to this, have we ever thought what this super herb can do??
Mint has also some amazing medical properties and uses and is used to cure many ailments right from nasal congestion to nausea.
Wondering how?
Mint has many properties that benefit one’s body, not to forget it’s easy accessibility to one and all. It is fairly easy to grow this herb in your own kitchen garden.
So let’s check in some of the most common ailments that can be cured right here…
1) Soothes congestion:
Mentha contains menthol, which in turn reacts with the sinus cavities and cleans up your nasal passage. It’s anti- inflammatory agent rosmarinic acid helps fight all the symptoms that are associated with allergy. You can also soothe your system by sipping in some peppermint tea or inhale some peppermint oil.
2) Antioxidant properties:
Antioxidants, as we all know, are known to fight free radicals in our body which is the core reason for any illness, if not treated.
Mint has the Maximum Antioxidant properties compared to any other food as per medical news today.
So a stuffed nose or so can be easily cured by simply chewing on some mint herb. Or rather one can also have it daily as a precaution and overall health benefit. All you need to do is to include mint in your food like tea, salad or even soak a few leaves overnight in a litre of water and consume it the next day.
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Source- www.wikihow.com
3) Anti acne:
Vitamin A found in mint is the ingredient that helps in controlling excessive oil production – according to Read and Digest. It further promotes in keeping your skin clean, healthy and acne free. One can apply it by simply grinding leaves in to a paste or mix it with other pastes or face pack.
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4) Soothes nausea:
The powerful flavor and smell of mint helps soothe stomach ache, nausea and hard hitting headaches.
Now you know why some people ask us to chew on some peppermint gums or mint leaves when feeling nauseous. Also applying mint based oil on the affected area provides relief.
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5) Oral hygiene:
Mint has antiviral properties plus aromatic qualities that help in fighting bad bacteria, germs and foul smell.
Hence one can see that most brands of toothpaste have peppermint as their core ingredient. One can brush a little of spearmint oil or peppermint oil in their mouth to get fresh breath and bacteria free mouth.
Toothbrush, toothpaste and fresh leaves of mint on a white background
6) Aids digestion:
Having a mint based meal or simply having a few leaves before your meal helps faster digestion and a cleaner digestive tract. Mint reacts with the salivary glands in the mouth which in turn catalyze the process of digestion.
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7) Weight loss
Mint helps in increasing the metabolic rate of our system which leads to weight loss.
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8) Soothes after effects of Breastfeeding :
Mint oil, when applied on chapped, cracked or sore nipples help soothe the pain and work on the outer and inner damage due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
9) Better digestion power and fatigue
Mint is renowned for its calming and soothing effect. It is a great stimulant that refreshes one’s brain. So keep inhaling its soothing fragrance to make yourself calm and more energetic or sip some mint based tea to get back in action.
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All you need to do is incorporate mint in your lives to gain advantage of this herb, be it in the raw form or otherwise. It’s anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant properties make it the best choice for a lot of household remedies. Though one shouldn’t avoid the importance of medical advice or medication from professionals in times of need. We are only passing awareness of the many holistic properties that one can get from this herb.
Do let us know which of these methods helped you gain a benefit from Mint!
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