The Incredible Recovery Of A Cancer Struck Stray- Boby

Dogs are one of the most incredible beings that roam this planet. They are loyal, trusting, friendly and extremely affectionate. But what we don’t realize is that they also probably have one of the strongest will powers among all species. They are so mentally strong, that us humans could probably learn a lot from them. This is the story of one such dog, Boby. Boby was probably on the verge of death when he was found, but it was his strong will and the constant support of the ones around him, that he managed to pull of something that is no less than a miracle!

The Curious Case Of Boby

Mexico city, the capital of Mexico, is also the largest city in the country. For a city with a population of 8.85 million people, there are over a million stray dogs that roam the streets. The residents are used to seeing all kinds of dogs in all kinds of condition. And it is not often that they come across something that is impossible to ignore. What this passerby saw however, was beyond gruesome. A poor stray dog, who was a sight impossible to ignore:
how he was first spotted
The poor dog was not only starving but was also covered in what seemed to be boils. His rescuers were deeply shaken to see him in such a bad condition. They decided to take the poor pooch to the local animal rights activist Dalia Gamez. She immediately adopted the dog and gave him his name, Boby. She decided it was time that the canine got the care and treatment that it deserved. She took him to the vet for a full body examination.
covered in tumor
The vets diagnosed him with cancer. What appeared to be boils, were actually cancerous tumors. They told Dalia that the dog was probably only 2 years old and prescribed a few session of chemotherapy for the cancer. Dalia knew that the only way the dog could survive was through chemotherapy. But the treatment would not be easy for the already weak pooch. But she hoped Boby’s amazing spirit would help him power through.
dalia sticking to his side
Boby underwent 8 sessions of chemotherapy in 2 months, something that would be super hard for a well nourished dog to face. Everyday was full of doubts- would the worn out dog make it through these extremely painful sessions? But Dalia was in for a surprise. Within weeks of these exhausting procedures, Boby made a speedy, full recovery. His wounds healed quickly and his shiny fur covered the scars.

Boby, before and after the chemotherapy sessions!

Boby was up and about in no time. His incredible story of an amazing recovery made him a local sensation. Dalia’s neighbors used to stand in lines just to watch the amazing pooch go about his business. Boby’s increasing fame proved to be integral for Dalia’s next mission, finding the pooch a new forever home. Her efforts paid off and soon she was able to find exactly what she was looking for.
all healthy
The parting moment was bittersweet. Dalia had grown to love Boby beyond anyone could comprehend, but she knew what was best for him. His new family were more than happy to accept the amazing dog into their lives and have grown to love watching the brave dog grow and flourish. He seems to have left his worst days behind as he wears only a couple of scars, but a bright future ahead.
finally a forever home
The incredible journey of Boby helps us realize just how amazing these beasts are. All they look for is a little bit of care and a little bit of your affection. We thank the good Samaritans that took Boby to Dalia. And Dalia for never giving up on the pooch. They are all an inspiration for everyone around the world as they show how much one can affect someone with just a few acts of kindness!
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