Boyfriend's Rottweiler cross mauls 21-year-old in a vicious dog-attack.

tumblr_nxx4nozaWK1qjcdw9o1_1280In a disturbing incident at the 9200-block of Williams Road, Richmond, on the 30th of December, 2015, a Rottweiler cross viciously attacked three people, critically injuring one of them.

The police, on report of an woman being mauled by a dog, arrived at the scene a little after 1 pm scene to find a Rottweiler-Husky cross brutally attacking a young lady who was completely covered in blood with more than 100 bites all over her.

One of the two officers tried to distract the dog while the other made an unsuccessful extraction attempt, only to have the dog return to re-attack after a momentary distraction. The dog ran away when one of the officers fired her gun.

 The 21-year-old victim, along with her twin sister and one 73-year-old good samaritan who tried to save the girls from the dog and got bitten by the animal in the process, were taken to the hospital. Reports say that the woman was trying to chase the dog (her boyfriend’s pet) away from attacking her three-year-old nephew (the son of her twin sister).  The boy remains unharmed.

The Rottweiler cross that goes by the name Yogi plans to defend his favorite pet which is currently being held as city officials determine if the dog should be put down. “My dog was taken without permission from his home when I have stated many times not to take my dog without me.”, says Lucas MacNeil on his Facebook page irked at the city officials who took the dog away in his absence.

Since last Wednesday, Yogi has been in isolation at the Richmond animal shelter. A decision of what happens to the dog is expected soon.