Bride wears this timeless wedding gown! See what's so special about it?

Wedding is an auspicious ceremony for any girl but for Sarah and her family, it held an even more prominent status. Sarah shared a special bond with her mother and her granny, a bond that can not be described in words. Jonathan, her fiancee, was going to be a part of a family who highly valued their family traditions. He would often pick up on Sarah, saying how she had a similar nature like her mother and granny. Sarah used to feel cracked up at that fact and still felt proud about it, as she was continuing with the adorable family traditions. Instead of being surprised, her family was rather humbled to see how proud their daughter made them. She was to marry Jonathan on the very same date her grandmother got married, decades ago. Years later, even her mother got married on the exact same date.

Bride in the timeless wedding gown

“Sweetheart, you look absolutely gorgeous in that dress!”, Sarah’s mom says. “The moment I heard these words from my mom I knew it, it was the one for me. The gown wouldn’t just make me look pretty but its a symbol of a happy and a successful marriage, and I’m sure Jonathan and I are going to have a long lasting happy marriage.” says Sarah
Three generations of the family.

There was no obligation for Sarah to wear the same dress but Sarah continued with the family legacy. Have a look at this wonderful tribute to these three generations!