Cat finds an orphan baby rabbit. What she does to her will surely melt your heart.

We all know very well how adorable kittens are. A handful of them is all that it takes to make your day. But what if I tell you that one in this group is a bit different from the little fur balls? This is the story of Bubbles, a baby rabbit, that’s being brought up by a different mother… the bond between the two is just enough food to melt your heart right away.

When Bubbles was only a week old, sadly, her mom passed away leaving the little one all alone in this world. The bereaved Bubbles urgently needed a mother to look after her; their owners decided to entrust Snaggle Puss, the house cat, to take care of the baby rabbit. Well, Snaggle who just got a bunch of babies of her own, was a very affectionate mother, and it didn’t take her even a moment of thought to take the little baby rabbit in the family. The way she takes the tinny orphan bunny to her new home to play with her new brothers and sisters is something that’s sure to melt your heart instantly. I have never seen anything more adorable than this. Soooo cute!

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