18 Thoughts That Go Through Your Cats Mind When You Are Hugging Em!

Hugging our pets is something that we all love. Hugging is our way of showing affection, care and a never ending sense of comfort. When we embrace someone we are trying to communicate our deepest love for them, we want to convey deep emotions. But little do we know what goes on in the minds of the one we are trying to kiss. And this couldn’t be more true in the case of kitties. If you have ever tried to hug your cat you must have all seen various moods flash in front of you. It is hard to understand exactly what they are trying to tell. Maybe this will help you what goes on inside the mind of your feline buddy!

#1 Is It Finally Feeding Time?

Only feeding time is the permissible time when you are allowed near your kitty. Otherwise, it is better to maintain a safe distance.

#2 Ugh! No Feeding, No Interested!

If you betray your kitty, you will have to face ignorance. That is how the world works!

#3 You Think This Is Reason Enough For You To Come This Close To ME?

Cats need their space, hoomans just never understand!

#4 Wait A Minute, Something Is Not Right!

Treachery much, hooman?
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