Bullied At Young Age, This Supermodel Is Breaking The Stereotypes (And The Internet!)

Khoudia Diop, a 19-year-old Senegalese model, might not seem any different or unique when you hear her name. She has a perfect figure and posture just like any other supermodel. But what sets her apart from others is her skin tone. With her dark skin and unshakable confidence, she could give almost anybody run for the money. She likes to [...]


This Poor Little Kitty Was Found In A Dingy Theater Trying To Hide! Wait Until You See How He Looks Now!

A fun trip to the theater turned into a rescue mission when a poor little ginger colored tabby kitten was found traumatized and scared to death. The kitten instantly hid himself and froze in one corner of the wall. She was all alone in the alleyway and was extremely frightened.  The weird part was the theater was miles away from any [...]