Thanks To The Quick Thinking Of His Parents, A Two-Year-Old Survived The Fight Against Lethal Rattlesnake’s Venom!

When a baby is born, the parents wish all the world’s happiness for their child. They make sure that their newborn is in front of their eyes to keep them away from any harm. Parents always know when something is wrong with their kids. Be it a toddler, a teen or an adult, a parent always knows that something’s bothering their little [...]


Awesome Parents Show Their Respect For Their Kid’s Sexuality In The Most Amazing Way This Pride Month!

Equality has always been an issue but the most troublesome of all is the fight for identity and recognition in the society that the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have to do. Though times have changed and they continue to do so, there still exists a stigma that considers them unworthy, let alone at par, of being with us. [...]


A Presbyterian Missionary Couple’s Noble Decision Changed The Meaning Of Family For Five Kids!

Families look a lot different now than they did about 50 years ago. Since interracial marriages, adoption and foster care are extremely common these days, children with bad past experiences have a better chance of a fulfilling life. Also, all these bold steps are helping break the stigma that surrounds all these terms.  These notions are [...]


Lynea Lattanzio Takes The ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Tag To Another Level, Has Fostered Over 28,000 Cats Since 1992!

Some people just belong to someplace else, don’t they? While most of us find pleasure and solace in materialistic things and luxuries, rarely we come across people who are completely opposite and find peace in helping others and making their lives easier and better. Lynea Lattanzio surely belongs to the latter category, considering [...]


These Girls With Cutest Dimples Will Bring a Smile To Your Face, Even If You Don’t Feel Like.

Well for starters dimples are pretty adorable and even the most desirable. The people born with them are often associated with qualities such as sweetness, and a child-like appeal combined a sense of innocence. Also, such people are usually envied by those who do not have them. Some people are so determined that they opt for surgeries to [...]