Meet The 21-Year-Old Fashion Designer Whose Drop-Dead Gorgeous Hair Sculptures Will Blow Your Mind Away!

People say in order to look perfect, all you need is a nice dress, matching shoes and some complementing accessories to go with it, and you are done. But is that it? Don’t you think something is missing? Yes, the most important of all – your hair. Getting your hair sorted out is, all women would agree, no less laborious than [...]


This Little Girl Mistaking A Bride For Her Favorite Princess On The Streets Of Seattle Will Melt Your Heart!

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. They are inundated with imagery of princesses from movies, television shows and more, and thus, being a princess seems like the ultimate goal. You get to wear pretty dresses, have perfect skin, perfect hair and perfect makeup, and you get to wear a tiara! Nothing gets better than that. [...]


These “Anti Engagement” Rings Are The Rage Among Women Who Are Embracing SELF LOVE

Engagement rings are glorious. They’re sparkly and pretty and make you feel like a total princess if presented with appropriate and grand romantic gestures, and also make your hands look like ten times more elegant. The only downside is you have to actually find and put up with someone for that. Which sounds like a load of faff we’re [...]


This Mother Looks So Young, She Often Gets Mistaken For Her Own 22 Year Old’s Son’s Girlfriend!

With the increasing age and responsibilities, one forgets to look after their own self. And especially the women who not only have their work to manage but also have their beautiful home and family to take care of. So amid all this when we come across a woman who not only works but manages her home and still looks as young as a girl. Liu [...]


Lynea Lattanzio Takes The ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Tag To Another Level, Has Fostered Over 28,000 Cats Since 1992!

Some people just belong to someplace else, don’t they? While most of us find pleasure and solace in materialistic things and luxuries, rarely we come across people who are completely opposite and find peace in helping others and making their lives easier and better. Lynea Lattanzio surely belongs to the latter category, considering [...]