“I Was so Fat I was a Human Airbag” 34 Stone Obese Woman Saved by her Mountain of Flab in a Car Accident

Jen Sheehan, a 36 year old normal woman, who used to gorge on ice creams. She suffered a fatal stroke at a young age of 25.  Here is an inspiring story of Jen Sheehan, about how she moved from size 38 to 12, which is sure to motivate so many people. Miss Sheehan weighed 34 stones at her heaviest when she met with an accident where [...]


8 Amazing Perks of Ditching Your Bra!

Ask any women, what is the last thing she would want when she she hits the bed? The most common answer would be to get rid of her bra!. Every women has a that love – hate relationship with her bra. But did you know that there are advantages too of ditching your bra. Sure bra has been the strong support system for your body, but not [...]