Kid watches video and decides to test his cellphone case with a hammer. The result? Unforgettable.

So you think everything you see on YouTube is real? Wait till you watch this video.

For those kids who tend to believe on everything they see on the internet, this video’s got to be an eye-opener. Tell you what kids, the internet is full of bogus and misleading videos meant for advertising and promotion purpose only. You should never experiment at home what seems too good to be true. Why? Because it is actually too good to be true.

This kid in the video must have watched it online about how resilient smartphones cases are and decided to check for himself on his own brand new Samsung mobile. As a matter of fact, he put this delicate piece of lab rat in a case and tried to test it with the age old method of slamming it repeatedly with a hammer.

What happens next is quite funny and equally tragic. One look at his face and you will immediately know what the outcome of his test rest has been.  A huge fail, that is.

Just for a thought, if this phone managed to sustain that kind of abuse, I would have been the biggest fan of the brands. Unfortunately, cellphones and cases aren’t carved to handle such mishandling. Those who think otherwise will end up in the shoes of this poor boy.

Watch the video below and don’t forget to pass the word.