Check Out This Miracle Remedy For Baby Rashes, Made From BREASTMILK!

We all know the benefits of giving our little ones our breast milk. Its no big secret. But did you know that besides being a complete meal for them it can serve another purpose?? That of being a nappy rash and eczema lotion!!
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Yes…you read it right. Called as the ‘miracle ‘ lotion, breast milk has all the important acids and nutrients that your baby needs in the first few months to cure any nappy rash and eczema. This homemade miracle is made using your own breast milk, beeswax and grape seed oil.
This lotion is being labeled by a lot of doctors as a natural and homemade remedy to cure most infections and skin related irritations. Shouldn’t be surprising really, as breast milk after all has all the required nutrients, fatty acids and antibodies that are required by babies in the first six months of their life.