Claire – The Mom With Multiple Sclerosis Who Delivered Twins, Unaware!

Have you ever heard a pregnancy story so insane that both the parents did not know of it till the actual child birth happened? If not, we have a happening story here for you which seem to be right out of the fiction book shelf of a library. Multiple sclerosis, love, relationship, labour, and above all, surprise is what it holds for you.
In the year 2000, a woman from United Kingdom, named Claire Evans, began experiencing numbness, fomication, paralysis and swelling on her body. Her family consulted a physician and she was later diagnosed with a medical condition called Multiple Sclerosis. Claire was just 19 years old at that time and nobody had thought in their wildest dreams that she would be diagnosed with such a disabling condition so early in life.

Multiple sclerosis
Claire, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 19, gave birth to twins and was unaware of her pregnancy till she actually gave birth!

Multiple sclerosis is characterised by a condition in which body’s immune system eats up the protective coating of our nervous system’s cells (called neurons) which may result in a wide range of symptoms including physical, mental and psychiatric problems. It may occur as isolated attacks (relapsing) or building up over time (progressive). Between attacks, symptoms may completely disappear, though permanent neurological problems often remain as the disease advances. Multiple sclerosis affects about 85,000 people in the UK each year and about 50 more are diagnosed each week.
Medical science, sadly, has not been able to find a cure for multiple sclerosis yet. Doctors put Claire on a strict medical therapy to alleviate her weakness, vision problems, and other symptoms. About five months later, Claire returned to work with clarity of thought knowing well that another attack of multiple sclerosis could strike at any moment.
She had almost given up all hopes of finding love, due to her condition of course. However, it was not destined to be. She soon bumped into her colleague at work, named Paul Whalley, and they both fell into love. Things were going on smoothly; even her condition had gone into remission. About four years later into their relationship and dating, Claire gave birth to a cute, healthy, baby boy. Thankfully, she had a normal pregnancy. They were the happiest couple on this earth, their smiles narrating it all.
But in March 2005, tragedy struck. The multiple sclerosis returned to Claire paralysing her body to quite an extent. She could hardly walk or do anything on her own and was on bed rest. As a result of the constant bed rest and the steroids she was taking on a regular basis, she gained about 7-10 pounds of weight. However, despite all this, her menstrual cycle remained regular.
One night in September the same year, Claire woke up at about 1 o’clock with the urge to go to the toilet and with severe cramps in her lower abdomen. She seated herself on the toilet seat thinking she needed to let go. She shouted for Paul, who had been sleeping in their bedroom unaware, saying that she felt as if her pain was going to kill her! Paul ran into the bathroom and saw Claire in immense pain seated on the toilet with her hands dangling due to the sclerosis.
Claire said to Paul that she thought she was in labour. Both were surprised and did not understand how Claire could be pregnant without their own knowledge. Paul next saw, what he calls, the most shocking thing he had ever seen. Claire gave birth to a baby girl while seated on the toilet seat. Not just this, what followed was even more shocking for the couple. The second baby.
Yes, Claire gave birth to twin female babies while she was seated on a toilet seat. Claire reminisces and says that all she was concerned at that time was if her babies were alright. The couple received the shock of their life! They picked up their babies and cleaned them up. Paul called for a paramedic team which arrived within a short time and Claire and her twins were taken to the hospital for proper maternal and child care.
Last heard, the couple and their children were all doing well. Not only this, they named their twin daughters Macie and Charlie, and she says that their entry into the family gave her a gift of life – she can walk again. Soon after their arrival, she says, the numbness which blighted her life for years began to fade away.
Consultant neurologist Stephen Rowe says that when women with multiple sclerosis are pregnant, they are generally less likely to have an attack of the symptoms. But this case is unusual because it happened after the birth, not during the pregnancy.
The couple completely had no idea that she was pregnant! Well, this was quite some story – shocking, yet true!
Do watch this video below to know the complete story of Claire and Paul and how they were shocked by the pregnancy:

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