Be Careful While Going To These US College Campuses As These Are Believed To Be Haunted!

College Campus is one constant eye witness to everything happening around the college, whether good or bad. This is the one place where a student spends most of his college life. Students come and go but the campus stays there. When thought about the campus in this manner, it sounds really spooky. But what if you found out that the college where you study is haunted for real.

Today we have listed some US college campuses that are believed to be haunted. And every college has its own story to be tagged as haunted and really scary because they either have been built atop some burial grounds or near some highly concentrated death locations.

#1 University of Georgia, Athens, GA



This college campus is a bundle of spooky legends. Among many, one is the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house. It is said to be haunted by the former state senator James Yancey Carithers’s daughter Susie who committed suicide in the attic. It has been claimed by the residents that Susie’s visage have been sighted in the attic window. Another house, Phi Mu, is said to be haunted by Hanna Hamilton’s ghost who is still mourning her lost fiance. Even the Administration building is haunted by the ghost of confederate officer Charles Morris.

#2 Drew University, Madison, NJ



This campus is believed to be so haunted that the students and the alumni of this college are encouraged to submit the accounts of any paranormal activity encountered. The ghost of the school’s founder, Roxanna Mead, is said to walk the corridors of Mead Hall by night. The creepiest story is when many students spotted a dark-haired woman in the window of the Hoyt Hall at 2 am and on the same night.

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