Confused About Second Cousins And Cousins Once Removed? This Simple Chart Will Help You!

If calling your cousins with appropriate term is troubling you, then this chart would surely make sense for you. It’s human tendency to remember something at one time, only to forget later.

Now, if a family function is approaching near, one needs to keep this chart close to be at ease and be prepared.


It was all because of the great efforts by Alice J. Ramsey in 1987, which still serves as a great source of guidance. Start with “Self” and go to the relation you are looking for, following the order.


It’s really confusing to answer the relation you share with your father’s cousin’s kids? However, now the ‘cousin chart’ clearly answers all the queries.

According to it, they are your second cousins, and their kids are second cousins once removed.

Understanding Once Removed

The chart helps us to know that our first, second as well as third cousins belong to the same generation. It is only when we shift to other generation the term one removed or twice removed is used.


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