This everyday bathroom item saved the lives of two conjoined turtle twins. Amazing!

Twins are as much common in animals as it is for us humans. So, when his mama turtle laid her eggs, everything was as natural as it as has always been, except for when it was time for hatching. Two tiny miracles hatched out of an egg… she ended up being the proud mama of two turtle twins among other off-springs.

But her joy was short lived. A serious issue came to light when the babies were inspected. The twins were joined at a yolk sack which was a situation as critical as can be if not treated. In a world where surgery was a thing never heard of or seen, would the mama be able to save her precious turtle twins?

This guy tried something that not only saved the babies but also helped live their lives as two perfectly normal turtles. He understood the gravity of the situation the turtle babies were in, and went on to do something that has probably never been tried before. Though I can’t say for sure if it’s the proper tool for performing the operation, but I can vouch wholeheartedly on the fact that whatever he did saved the turtle twins’ life… they were about to move freely after this, and that’s all that matters.

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